Please scroll down for grades 6-11 English, Spanish, and French class offerings and visit our SAT page for SAT prep classes.  

Grades 4-12 Math and Science Group Class Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Grades 4-5 Math  4-6pm




Grades 5-6 Math        4-6pm      
Grades 6-7 Math   5-7pm          
Grades 7-8 Algebra I     4-6pm        
Honors Algebra II        5-7pm       
CP Precalculus   6-8pm           
Honors Geometry           10-12am  
Honors Precalculus     6-7:30pm        
AP Calculus AB & BC   6-8:30pm   6-8:30pm       
Honors Chemistry   7-9pm          
Honors Physics     6-8pm         
Honors Biology       5-7pm       
AP Chemistry           1-4pm   
AP  Physics           10-1pm  
AP  Biology           1-4pm


Grades 3-11 Language Group Class Schedule

  Mon Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat Sun
Grades 3-4 English Skills   4-5pm          10-11am  
Grades 5-6 English Skills     4-5pm        11-12am  
Grades 7-8 English Skills     5-6pm        12-1pm  
Grades 9-10 Writing Skills         5-7pm      
Grade 9-10 Reading&Vocab             9-11am  
Grade 11 Writing Skills               10-12am
Grade 10-11 Public Speaking              12-2pm
Spanish I       4-6pm        
Spanish II      6-8pm        1-3pm
Spanish III    4-6pm          
Spanish IV    6-8pm          
French I      6-8pm        
French II      4-6pm        
French III       6-8pm      
French IV        4-6pm      


***Please ask for other enrichment classes*** 

Class schedules are subject to change. Classes can be cancelled due to low enrollment.